Mortgage new business update - Intermediaries

We have created a dedicated web page to keep our brokers up to date on key new business service updates

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Meet The Team

  • Name: Caroline Shard
  • Role: Business Development Manager
  • Responsibilities: Helping brokers place complex and quirky mortgage cases and attending roadshows and events to network with brokers across the industry.
  • Years in financial services: 17
  • Qualifications: Ce-Map 1,2 & 3 qualified. Ce-Rer qualified
  • Favourite thing about Vernon: The friendly atmosphere and the challenging and quirky cases.
  • Name: Caroline
  • Favourite movies: Cinderella, Harry Potter (all of them) & Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Favourite season: Summer (obviously).
  • Favourite chocolate bar: Bounty!
  • Best skill: Amusing the team with stories about what’s going on with my kids and the strange exercises I do at the gym.
  • Morning routine: Wake up. Wake my children up. Get them ready. Get lunches ready. Feed the cat. Clean house. Go to work for a much needed rest!
  • Name: Kevin Baggs
  • Role: Mortgage Business Development Manager
  • Responsibilities: Helping brokers to place cases and building relationships with them. Attending events and roadshows to network with intermediaries and spread Vernons message to be the first choice for bespoke mortgages.
  • Years in financial services: 40
  • Favourite thing about Vernon: The (frequent) opportunity to say yes to our customers and brokers.
  • Name: Kevin Baggs
  • Favourite movies: Sound of Music, Great Escape, Saving Private Ryan
  • Favourite season: Summer is the best.
  • Favourite books: To Kill a Mocking Bird, 1984 or any Jack Reacher novel
  • Best asset: My highly matured sense of enthusiasm!
  • Morning routine: I switch on mentally, then I switch on the computer!
  • Name: Tracey Wright
  • Role: Intermediary Mortgage Desk Adviser
  • Responsibilities: Facilitating the contact between our brokers and our intermediary team and lending criteria!
  • Years in financial services: 19
  • Qualifications: Ce-Map 1,2 & 3 qualified. Ce-Rer qualified
  • Favourite thing about Vernon: The way that we focus on delivering a great service to all of our Members.
  • Name: Tracey Wright
  • Favourite movies: Greatest Showman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Pulp Fiction
  • Favourite season: Spring
  • Responsibilities: Competing with the team as to who can create the best cup of tea!
  • Favourite books: 5 people you’ll meet in heaven (it’s an easy read but has a huge impact!)
  • Morning routine: A relaxed cup of tea whilst listening to the radio, teeth, shower, dress then run out of the door!