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Buy for Uni Mortgage

At the Vernon we’ve designed a smart mortgage for students and their parents that tackles two common concerns – how to pay for the costs of rental accommodation at university and afterwards, how to get onto the housing ladder.

With Buy for Uni, the borrower doesn’t need a deposit and their parents or carers don’t need to give up their savings to help. By guaranteeing their child’s mortgage with a charge against their own home or cash deposited in a savings account with us, parents can help their child to borrow 100% of the property’s value.

And instead of paying rent to a landlord, the student becomes the landlord, receiving rent from their housemates that can help cover the mortgage repayments.

The parents and the student save on the cost of getting through university while investing for the future.

Download the documents below for further information:

Buy for Uni Frequently Asked Questions

Buy for Uni Important Information for Borrowers

We have a seperate DIP form that is needed for any application for a Buy for Uni Mortgage which can be downloaded here:

Buy for Uni Decision in Principle Form

Our Buy For Uni Product Page

Product Name Initial Rate Subsequent Rate (SVR) The Overall Cost For Comparison Incentives Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) Fees Early Repayment Charge
5 Year Discount Buy for Uni Mortgage 4.70% 5.20% 5.20% APRC None 100% Arrangement fee: £499 or £899 depending on circumstances N/A

For full product details please download our product guide