Why make a Will?

Many people assume that when they die, their estate (money, jewellery, car, home etc.) will pass automatically to their family, but this often isn't the case. In some cases, when there is no Will, the Government decides who benefits under the rules of intestacy.

Some of the benefits of planning ahead include:

  • You can make sure the right things go to the right people

By setting out your wishes in a Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance to who you want to inherit. If you have any sentimental items that you would like to leave to a specific family member, or wish to leave some money to friends or charity, they can only inherit if they are named in a Will.

  • Ensure your children are looked after

If you have children under the age of 18, you can name guardians in your Will who will have the legal right to take care of them should you or your partner (or both) die before they reach 18. Direct family members or god parents are not viewed in law as automatic guardians. Click here to download our guide to appointing guardians.

  • Your plans are up to date with your circumstances

Life can have a habit of getting busy every now and again and, as such, it is important to review and update your Will, so that it is up to date and accurately reflects any changes in circumstances. Life events such as births, deaths, marriage and divorce can all impact the way your estate is dealt with, for instance marriage automatically revokes a Will and unless a new Will is made, that person will be viewed as having died intestate.

  • Make sure your partner is looked after

‘Common Law’ couples are not viewed under law as rightful heirs, regardless of the length of the relationship or children, and so do not benefit unless there is a Will in place.

  • Make sure your wishes are heard

By recording your wishes in a Will, your loved ones know what you want to happen. Family arguments and fallouts can be all too frequent without a Will and so by writing one, you can save your loved ones a great deal of stress and heartache.

  • Peace of mind

Ultimately, by having a Will place you have put your affairs in order and left clear instructions of your wishes, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you have proactively taken steps to protecting your family legacy.

Next steps:

We've teamed up with The Will Writing Company to offer a range of Will writing and estate planning services to our members from basic Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney documents to Trusts, Probate and bereavement advice.

By choosing to make a Will and plan your estate through The Vernon, our members are not only entitled to a special “Member’s Rate” discount on a Will, but also a free, no obligation initial consultation with an Estate Planning Consultant. This appointment can be conducted in branch or in the comfort of your own home.

To arrange an initial appointment, contact us here, pop in to your local branch or simply call us on 0161 429 6262.

About the Will Writing Company

The Will Writing Company are experts in the Will writing and estate planning field having provided advice and legal documents to clients across the UK since 1990. The Will Writing Company is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in England and Wales as a licensed body. They pride themselves on providing comprehensive solutions in a ‘plain English’ approach so all of their clients fully understand their options. Furthermore, all of their Estate Planning Consultants are members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) and comply with a Code of Practice approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

The Vernon Building Society acts as an introducer to The Will Writing Company for estate planning services. The Will Writing Company is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in England and Wales as a licensed body (SRA number 626921).

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