As a local building society we are keen to improve community knowledge and understanding of personal finance, that's why we have developed this useful list of educational resources to help parents and schools to teach personal finance and ensure that young people leave school financially capable:

  • Pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) is an independent charity helping schools to plan and teach personal finance relevant to students' lives and needs. They provide free support and resources to teachers and school leadership teams. Click here to download or order their teaching resources.
  • Tax matters is an online resource which explores how and why we pay tax. The modules are designed for anyone who wants to learn about taxation and public services.
  • The Bank of England's website Pounds & Pence is intended for teachers of pupils aged 9–11. It provides a range of stimulating resources that will encourage pupils to think about money and prices. The resources are designed to have clear links to the curriculum programmes of study in English, Maths, History, ICT, Design & Technology and Citizenship/PSHE/PSE/PSD.
  • The Financial Services Authority’s Money Advice Service website is a resource for impartial consumer information and has tools to help work out what is best for your money.