The children of St. Joseph’s primary school were running around with joy earlier this week after the final touches were placed on new playground markings. Featuring a race track, exercise challenge, hop-scotch, numbers grid and ‘mirror-me’ game, the rainbow coloured markings have transformed a plain section of asphalt into a sports and gaming hub.

The new markings are part of a wider transformation of the playground which includes the installation of a rock climbing wall, painted murals and two new gardens. 

Anne Hamilton, Head Teacher at St. Josephs said “This transformation was so important for our children, many of whom live in central Stockport and don’t always have easy access to a garden or local park. The completion of the markings represents a significant milestone in the transformation of the playground – we do however still have further ambitions for the area, including some more murals to make the environment as engaging and friendly for our children as possible.”

“Thank you to the parents, guardians and local businesses for their support in making this happen.”
St. Josephs were most recently awarded £530.47 by the Vernon Building Society Jubilee Fund, after receiving more than 224 public votes.
Suzan Roan from the Vernon visited the school and said “The school had such a warm feeling. It was obvious that teachers and parents were very proud of what had been achieved. I was lucky enough to see some of the children using the playground and the difference it has made is obvious.”
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