A recent study by the Met Office indicates that there is a 34% chance that the UK will face record rainfall between October and March.

The evidence is based on analysis by a new ‘Supercomputer’ which can generate simulations based on one hundred times more data than was previously available from observed records.

In response to the forecast, we are launching a campaign to raise awareness amongst local homeowners as to the importance of being prepared.

Ian Keeling, Director at the Vernon said “The recent announcement by the Met Office is concerning, Stockport and Greater Manchester as a whole have already seen significant flooding in recent years. Record-breaking events are becoming more common and it is vital that local homeowners protect themselves against the risks.”

For the next seven weeks we will be providing free ‘Preparing for Winter’ guides at each of our six local branches. We will also review your current insurance cover for free to help ensure that you are adequately protected.

Ian Keeling added “Research earlier in the year by YouGov and NFU Mutual indicate that as many as 1 in 6 are inadequately protected.”