The cheapest cover may not always be the most suitable for you.

People are increasingly looking to online comparison websites to find their cheapest home insurance deal but policyholders should be warned that the cheapest cover isn’t always the right option. 

The Financial Services Consumer Panel recently highlighted that pressure to sell products through internet comparison sites had led to some insurance companies competing on price alone. This situation has led to traditional policy features being removed and consumers finding out that they do not have the cover they expected when making a claim.
Ian Keeling, Head of Sales and Marketing at the Vernon, said: “It’s very easy for people to assume that because an insurance policy is on a familiar internet comparison site it will provide all the cover that is needed. Too often policyholders only find out that they are under-insured at the critical time – when they need to claim. Home insurance is a complex financial product and many of our members have been surprised after we’ve reviewed their needs either that they have not been adequately covered for certain items or that they have been over-paying for policy features that they don’t actually need. The message therefore is to carefully assess and understand your policy documentation or seek expert help.”
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